Hörmann Rawema Engineering & Consulting GmbH as an innovative, vendor-independent engineering company is specialized on providing technical planning services for industries, focused on production technologies and factory planning. Its engineering services cover the complete lifecycle of a factory, beginning with the responsibility as a general planner, through engineering of individual production areas and equipments, up to re-engineering and thereof resulting relocation projects.

In the area of research and development, the company is networked with universities and research institutions and successfully applies derivative technologies and methods. Efficient planning processes are ensured by using specific factory planning hard- and software, such as 3D laser scanning, material flow simulations and virtual commissioning.

Based in Chemnitz, Hörmann Rawema Engineering & Consulting GmbH is active in more than 25 countries worldwide, looking back on numerous successful references from over 50 years of project experiences.


Scope of services:

Industry 4.0, technology and logistics planning, quality management, maintenance planning, 3D laserscanning and 2D / 3D layout planning energy efficiency, re-engineering, supplier management, relocations and interim management



Automotive, casting, forging, recycling, mechanical engineering, logistics